8 seconds - enough to lose weight fast!

 Australian psychologists have developed a special program of interval training, through which burned three times more fat than regular aerobic training. This discovery could be become a real revolution in the fitness industry.  

The researchers calculated the amount of time a specific training that is necessary response metabolic reaction by which to burn more fat under the skin and muscles.

Scientists from the University of New South Wales and the Institute of Garvan (Australia) for 15 weeks was observed in 45 women suffering from obesity. Women engaged on a stationary bike for 20 minutes in the following mode: 8 seconds with a maximum speed, and then 12 seconds at a normal pace.

"Women lose weight three times faster than those who were engaged for a longer period of time (40 minutes) of moderate intensity," - says Associate Professor University of New South Wales Steve Butcher.

The secret of success lies in the large number of chemical compounds called catecholamines, which are produced in increased amounts, which is associated with a particular load range. As a result, the chemical reaction leads to a greater loss of excess weight.

Physiologists believe that this principle of interval training can also be used in swimming, walking, running and rowing.

According to Professor Butcher other types of training based on longer periods of time and are not as effective for obese people. He also believes that the current guidelines for training in the majority generally ineffective.

"Walk for 60 minutes 7 times a week does not lead to the desired result - a big weight loss. People lose weight by only 1, 15 kg for 15 weeks. For many people suffering from obesity, our discovery will be a real revolution! »

Scientists have found that their method helps get rid of excess fat on such difficult places like the legs and buttocks.

This system of interval training will be useful for diabetics, since insulin resistance is reduced by almost 32%.

Now scientists are ready for the next phase of the study, which is in the control of food and develop a plan for training.

"We hope to find a more effective way to lose weight," - says Steve Butcher.

During the experiment, the subjects will be trained at regular intervals and feed on the Mediterranean diet, which consists of fresh vegetables and daily administration of capsules containing fish oil.