3 common fitness mistakes

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 You have been visiting the gym, participate regularly and diligently, and the results are not encouraging. Maybe this whole fitness - just draw money from gullible prostushek, dream of the perfect figure? But most likely, you accept one of the three most common mistakes when doing fitness.

Error first

Amateur. Nobody is trying to self-treat teeth, no one takes up sewing designer shoes. These serious training professionals you trust. But is building his own body is not the same responsible business? Why is it coming to the gym, you can safely go to get noticed simulator and start watching and without having even a rough plan lessons? For whatever reason you prefer aerobics, Pilates and not? Because of its convenient class schedules? And if you have not it?

Only a specialist can assess the condition of your body, to choose the right system of exercises and make a clear lesson plan. Only an experienced instructor will supply you breath and see to it that during exercise you right move. Do not have to spend all the money on an expensive visit to the fitness center to deal with the competent expert. You can pay a one-time consultation and then Tutor. It is cheaper than the cost of unsuccessful sessions, because the effect of the training will come much faster.

Second error

Lack of attention to their health. Do not work for wear, despite illness and just feeling unwell. If during exercise any discomfort, so training should be stopped. Always perform a warm-up before you go to the simulator. Are cold muscles are working at half strength, and the effectiveness of the training is reduced. Do not feel sorry for five to ten minutes to the remainder of the training was successful. And not in a hurry to get away from the gym, running the entire program. The body needs time to recover the pulse pressure. This is the best time to perform stretching exercises. In addition, by doing stretching the major muscle groups, you will significantly reduce post-workout Delayed onset muscle soreness and secure the effect of training in general.

Error third (purely female)

You too sociable. You come into the room and have time to talk to everyone he knew, and if with you two or three bosom friends, then most likely, from 50 to 80 percent of training time will be spent on discussion of recent developments. Have you stopped to exchange a few words, the transition from one trainer to another, and the conversation slightly delayed? Or maybe your girlfriend have a free moment, and it tells you the latest gossip while you are exercising? What is this, because you is silent. However, you are not focused on the quest, and the topic of conversation. And if we're trying to answer, it may just knock the breath. But the fighting spirit during exercise is very important. Thanks to him, the effect of exercise is faster.

Now you know what to fight! Think about how you spend training and how to correct their mistakes. Then the desired result - finding beautiful trained body - will not take long.

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