10 thousand steps to harmony

 Representative of the beautiful half of humanity is so kind to her appearance that any fleeting thrown at them phrase about excess weight can bring them to a nervous breakdown. However, do not rush to get depressed and start to try to figure out whether you are overweight or so you are trying to "get" detractors and envious?

For this purpose only necessarycalculate body mass index. For this purpose, the weight in kg divided by the height (in meters) squared. Rate from 19 to 25 is considered normal, from the 26 to 30 - represents the excess weight, and 31-45 - approaching obesity. These simple calculations are familiar to many, but few who regularly use them to control their weight. But you have already made a simple arithmetic calculations and, to his horror, he suddenly discovered that actually weigh more than it should. And this despite the fact that you not only eat healthy food, but also to think literally every spoonful.

Possibly, in this caseto maintain good form, you just need to "right" products we add exercise. For example, to start the gym. If it you have no time, Hall is far from your home or too expensive, try to run around the house for 10-15 minutes three times a week or to perform cycling, swimming or step aerobics. Better yet, start walking, and not less than 30 minutes a day. By the way, walking on foot, according to many experts, is able to promptly bring you to the desired ideal figure with a thin waist and shapely legs.

Of course, it is desirable that every day accompanied by hour hiking (this is the equivalent of 7-8 thousand steps), not counting those that you "pass" in his office and at home (usually this is 2-3 thousand steps). Total it turns out that on the day each of us must march of 10,000 steps! Just do not roll your eyes, do it is not difficult. Often walk with his dog (do not transfer this responsibility to the family), do not be lazy to go out transport a few stops earlier; in the evenings instead of sitting at home (by this priest becomes more voluminous), go for a walk (not to be bored, invite a pleasant companion).

Of course, it would be foolish to think that in the first day of hiking you will reach sky-high results. It is possible that for some, until then prefer a sedentary lifestyle, 10000 steps may be associated with marathon achievement. Naturally, go with the usual routine 2-3 thousand steps at 10,000 in one day is unlikely that anyone will. To this must be approached gradually.

For a start it would be nice to have a rule to walk at least 2-3 times a week. One has only to start, and you "will sit down" on walks so that they will become for you not onerous duty, and the norm. And in order to have a clear idea of ​​how much you have to march, get a pedometer and within a week with him reviled him. The more that the size of this priborchiki that from that moment begins to program your life, not bigger than a matchbox. So, this is diarrhea with priborchik, you will be able to determine for themselves which days of the week you walk a lot, and what - is extremely insufficient.

It should make a reservation that walking exercises have nothing to do with walks with a knight under the moon on high heels. And becauseWalking shoes should be appropriate - Heel height does not exceed 2-3 inches, the heel should be well maintained, and the fingers of the foot is not squeezed. Moreover, such footwear should "breathe" and in any case not to provoke sweating. Well, of course, in this shoe leg should be very comfortable.

By the way, you have to walk a lot in the office? In this case, try to change shoes at work. The more that go all day on hairpin bad, but, pereobuvshis you combine business with pleasure.

And So, Use any occasion to walk. Do not stand on the spot if waiting for someone - walk around. Do not abbreviate deliberately distance to the object to which you need to get there, do not "cut" way yards, consciously choose the path of authenticity. In other words, do not skimp!Forgot to buy yogurt or fruit in the store - is not a reason to look into it again (with the legs, not the car)? Live in a high-rise building - forget about the elevator and climb a flight of stairs on foot (the same practice at work).

Of course, boring to move in the same rhythm. With a little imagination, and you can go twice as fast, and in addition also change the stride length.Once addicted to this process, be sure to diversify your route. Explore your city on foot (surely, it will be found in small towns, before you complete strangers), and on weekends go to nature, where a fire ring with seating can be timed local attractions.

In that case, if you do not think of myself without a car and a business suit, and a pedestrian walks very skeptical attitude and therefore all sorts of suburban outings are not for you,purchase a treadmill, where you can combine running and walking. That's all. Of course, all of what we have said, requires some effort, but it is well worth the figure, is not it?

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