Women's error in the relationship

Women's error in the relationship
 Disputes and conflicts of interests - an integral part of communication between two people. Even if they are in love with each other. However, if your relationship is transformed into a series of quarrels, not to blame for all the wrongs partner. Women are also sometimes make mistakes.  
 Error № 1. Old Remember

"We drove and forgot" - obviously not female motto. It is often in the heat of an argument very out of place up memories of old wrongs and blunders partner. Fearlessly dusting with this old sorrows and conflicts already forgotten? Then it is not surprising that domestic quarrel turns into a scandal with the smashing of plates and collecting suitcases. During the dispute be careful not to "move out" with the topic and avoid negative generalizations like "you never loved me," especially complemented by colorful examples.

Error №2. Bring up too late

It's no secret that women - being fragile, helpless, vulnerable. That's why they need a wide men's back, strong shoulder and care and understanding. Oddly enough, to get their delicate hands of another Prince, the former Cinderella turns into a strict mom that wants to take the life of mature offspring under their control. And also "tighten" it to the level of a fictional ideal. The one who will be happy to do any work around the house, gives flowers with or without, like my mother, and does not communicate with Vasya, who is not married and, in general, some crook. Only now attempt to change a man rarely end with success. Much more often they lead to numerous conflicts and misunderstandings.

Error №3. Lips pouted

The habit of offense - true female trait. Cool look, icy silence or, conversely, tears in three streams - and no explanation. Tsat first time the man responds to this behavior apology and admission of guilt (although they often do not understand what to ask forgiveness). But someone like constantly remain the ultimate? The tactic of "do not come near me" leads to alienation and cooling feelings. At one point, is not you just gets going in different rooms and will sulk at each other endlessly. It may be worth to learn directly and without obidnyakov express their feelings?

Error №4. Critical Review

For some reason, some women consider it their duty to point man for his mistakes. Apparently that is not conceited. Or in response to a story about his stellar plans meet critical "bad idea" or, worse, "would be better engaged in so-and-so is." It is not surprising that the partner lost all desire to share the secret, and in the evening he spent with increasingly thereby Vasya, who is ready to support the craziest ideas. And it was a man in a woman draws inspiration. Maybe better believe your favorite?

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