How to be the perfect wife

How to be the perfect wife
 Become for her husband the perfect wife - a difficult but doable task. Woman's dream, the woman with whom you do not want to leave - do not go away from these, they love and appreciate life ... How to become a perfect companion of life?
 Achieve the status of an ideal wife can be only through continuous improvement and work on yourself. To be perfect in the eyes of a spouse, you must:

- At any time of day or night look "in a million." Not an easy task. Devote at least an hour a day to care for yourself - mask, manicure, styling. The man loves his eyes. He wants to see next to a beautiful and sexually attractive not only for him but also for other members of the stronger sex woman;

-be easy to communicate, do not put pressure on him not to bother. Everyone has the right to a private space to freely make decisions and choices made by their actions. Learn to understand and acknowledge the presence of her husband own opinion, which may radically differ from yours. Do not try to make him unquestioningly obey you and consult on every little thing - you call just an annoyance and a desire to sever relations;

-to be interesting interlocutor for a loved one. A man wants to see his wife not only a lover, cook and nanny for children. Most want to see in the life partner in addition to the above, even a best friend with whom you can share your experiences and get practical advice with regards to work or a quarrel with a friend. Who else but the wife will find a way out of a difficult situation? In addition, the joint discussion of the problems and experiences that will help you better understand the man, and strengthen your relationships and trust in the pair;

-together learned the art of sex. To remain sexually attractive to her husband for many years, it is necessary for him to become the best partner in bed possible. Do not give up bold experiments proposed spouse or he can bring them to life on the other. Periodically arrange his erotic surprises like striptease or sex in a bath filled with champagne.

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