The most common causes of divorce

The most common causes of divorce
 Wedding - a bright and unforgettable event. But increasingly, marriage collapses, barely held on. Parents for a long time is not distributed, and the children are divorced. And the reason is usually not covered in the various characters, according to many couples.
 For someone to get a divorce is easy, while others are hard to tolerate rupture of relations. But what pushes people voluntarily married, dissolve it? The following reasons are important in varying degrees for different people, but they have a place in the modern marriage.

Lack of love. Most often in young people mistakenly take love for love and marry. And after a while realize his mistake and step back. Those who really loved life partner, eventually realized that in addition to the love you need to show respect, which is not, or allow life to nullify all the romance.

Unwillingness to concede. It's no secret that every person is an individual. Therefore, for the peaceful coexistence and peaceful loving people even need to have a willingness to give in and do not insist on. Prior to the marriage, each living their own lives, and to the process of "ointment" was less painful, even during courtship need a lot of time together and engage in the common affairs.

Different interests. With the acquisition of experience of the people look at me. And entered into a marriage of 20 years, by the 25-realize that life is not interesting companion. Or what used to disregard, is now becoming apparent. For example, my wife would not mind at the weekend to visit a nightclub, and my husband would love to go to a museum or theater.

Lack of money. So corny, but takes place. Especially if the family is young and has not yet learned how to properly dispose of the material means. But it happens that, for example, a husband for various reasons can not earn as much as before, but the wife does not want to deprive yourself of anything and therefore goes in search of another man, able to give her what they want.

Betrayal of one of the spouses. Although this phenomenon are increasingly found in the family, each in different ways is to betray a life partner. Some suffer in silence and turn a blind eye (or forgive, if a single case), while others see the only way out in the divorce. Unfortunately, many people do not value marriage and believe that having a lover or mistress to be refused. But what about the innocent party suffers.

For various reasons, people pull down their marriage, but if there are forces willing and able, then it should save struggling.

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