How to start a family

How to start a family
 How to create a strong and happy family? This question is highly relevant for the woman who marries. In order to realize this dream, you need to make some effort.
 The most important, and perhaps the difficult step on the road to your dream will become a marriage. It is important to choose a man with whom you live in joy and in sorrow, according to the commandment of the Church. Remember the wise words of your grandmother, who certainly have said many times that the face of the husband you do not drink the water. And it's true, because what's the difference how beautiful your partner and how much money he has, if he does not love you and do not appreciate what you do for him.

Between spouses should reign understanding, which does not require a verbal confirmation. When there is understanding, then the relationship grow stronger with each passing day. Family should be built on trust and honesty. Get a rule for your family: whatever happens, always tell the truth.

If you still have any quarrels happen, in any case, do not complain to parents or friends. Expressed relief at you, of course, will get, but also a negative opinion about yourself, about your man or you leave. And what is the guarantee that the advice you are given is a wholly solving your problems. All their individual understanding of family relationships.

That your family was full and happy and could even be an example for others, should be considered for children. But we should not have children lightly and spontaneously. Your child should be wanted and loved. Therefore, before the birth of a child should go to a family planning center. Doctors can help you find the right time for conception, as well as to make a full genetic testing to rule out your future baby possible diseases. Examination must take place both parents. In the world there is nothing better for a family than a healthy and strong baby.

Once you have passed all the tests and received helpful advice, you might think about building children's room of the house, which is wholly owned by your crumbs. Not yet know the sex of the child, should not be a room exclusively for a girl or a boy, it's best to stick to warm and earthy colors that will not irritate the eyes of a child. For now should think first and foremost about the long-awaited baby.

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