How to resolve conflicts in the family

How to resolve conflicts in the family
 Running conflict can not only undermine, but also destroy almost any marriage. Necessary conditions, without which it is impossible to settle, are recognition of the problem and its willingness to resolve, and this applies to both spouses.
 Choose a time and place where nothing can distract you from the normal, calm dialogue. Lack of emotional stress and irritants is a must, both partners must be ready for productive dialogue. Both parties involved in the conflict, must remember that the most important thing - to understand that they are a single entity, and must cope with the problem alone together.

Identify the problem. The point is not to immediately find out who and what he thinks about it, and as regards the problem of each spouse, the main goal - to label it in one or two words, as far as possible or is not related to any of the partners, or relating to both of them. The main thing at this stage, as well as all subsequent - to keep calm. Use your head, do not succumb to emotions.

Develop a plan to solve the problem. Create perfect, which will suit both parties. Make sure that it is the most faithful and diplomatic. Spread the responsibilities that will have each of the partners, then recheck all points of the plan. After that, it is advisable not to terminate the dialogue immediately, and spend your free time and the fact that feel like a couple. Spend it in a romantic setting, no matter which party will initiate - the main thing to happen, and the whole evening left a good impression on the memory.

Cause of conflict in the family is the gradual distancing of spouses from each other. Absolutely natural is that over time there is less time trying to be together, but must seek and find this time. The main key to a peaceful and happy married life are understanding, support and patience. Use them to prevent the formation of conflicts in principle.

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