Fall in love with my husband!

Fall in love with my husband!
 As long as you have met, it was a nice romantic young man, always ready to open the door in front of you, gentle read poems and filled up armfuls of flowers. But after the wedding began to relax, changed from trendy jeans stretched sweat pants, and began to grumble because burnt cutlets and in general, has become a completely different person. Sometimes you really start to think, and the fact whether a man really married? Do not be discouraged if you want to keep the love and tenderness in your family, try to fall in love with her husband again, one more time.

People begin to live together, get used to each other and began to see the spouse, as a matter of course. Here it is - that's all. Plaque romance flies, leaving under a life and minor flaws, which you never knew. Think about it, because normally change both husband and wife too. Look at yourself closely, perhaps, you now walk in curlers at home, have ceased to be painted and do not pay attention to what makes for you is your only?

If you truly want to save and refresh your senses, remember one simple thing - they always have two sides. And the man to whom you have cooled, it begins to feel and can cool down in response. Start the change with yourself. Remember how you behave when first started dating. Surely, often hugging each other, kissing and saying nice words. Why again do not start doing? If you feel that you have a husband stopped favors, start doing it yourself. Tell him that he is dear to you, touch each other and do nice things. Prepare his favorite dish, not on the occasion, and just like that. Men, despite the conventional wisdom, it is very sensitive. Your husband will notice that something has changed in you and begin to make retaliatory actions. Also will try. After all, he did it when caring for you.

Think about what he can get away, just take one moment to pack up and slam the door. Stop to see him as furniture or a person who has become a familiar part of the home environment. Remember that your husband is a living person, like you, he has his own wants and needs. In general, learn to appreciate what you have. And the fear of loss, by the way, very greatly increases a woman's desire to hold on to her man in every way. Very often the wife with different eyes begin to look at their husbands just after their betrayal. Do not bring it to the extreme, let him be good only with you - because you love him something.

Think about the merits of which are at your favorite men: he knows how to repair furniture, earns well, loves children. Try a few weeks to notice the good things and really turn a blind eye to the shortcomings. That with the fact that he throws his things in the apartment? And you, for example, have not learned to cook jelly. Disadvantages are at all, it is better to concentrate on the merits, of course, it can be very easy, but believe me, the effort is worth it. After all, at the very beginning of your acquaintance, you did not notice in his chosen anything wrong, try again. Well, or at the very least, look at all the annoying qualities of her husband something good.

We should never forget that the marriage - the constant hard work, and love one here is sometimes not enough. Feelings are not to cool down, and eventually only grew stronger and not break on the reef life, constantly exert effort. Love - it's a wonderful feeling, learn to take care of her.

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