Yes, I'm a lover

Yes, I'm a lover
 Yes, I'm a lover! It would be a tragedy at another time, but now in the relations between men and women, many new factors. Women no longer seek an epidemic of marriage, some are quite satisfied with the role of a mistress.

Woman actively making a career and aspiring for power and wealth, can not afford to start a family, if it does not want. Typically, these ladies have painted their lives the points of the plan and not deviate from it even a millimeter. Its quite happy man, who does not need to cook, wash and take care of him - even if it does everything his wife! In this case, sex is a purely physiological need of the body, which is satisfied by a male lover, it is not affecting the hearts of women.

Situation is very different from the woman who had been living in a marriage, but there is not any heat or understanding. Held youth, her ardor feelings that brought the girl to marry. Here it is already 35-40 years old, have a child or children, and life as such, there is no. Often in this period of life, she meets the same solitude in the face of a man. They cling to each other, looking for meaning in his love life, but they have families who, for various reasons, they did not have the heart to destroy! Such a woman receives from her lover and have sex with him his piece of happiness and joy.

There are girls who erected status mistress almost at a professional level. Family and children start these young ladies do not want to, and in fact, other than spending money on cloth and cosmetics, no more want. The meaning of life for them - to find enough wealthy lover and rest on our laurels. But as long as there are men, these girls taking a mistress, is good health and this type of women. Well, if some of them were thinking at the time about his future, and the other girls, dragonflies have a real chance in the future to be left out of life.

Romantic lady with a tender heart and trembling soul, which is not lucky to be born not in his time, really waiting for her prince deign to marry her. In the meantime, happy and as a mistress, worship him! How long will last a questionable happiness? Each situation is different and the circumstances, it may well be that our heroine really lucky, and she will live with her chosen lover happily ever after.

In our crazy time appointed every year "doomsday", many women live day to day, and are happy one moment of love. By the way, it's not just women!

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