Women's tears - a reason for divorce?

Women's tears - a reason for divorce?
 Many women do not know how to get the man you want. So often resorted to tears, to immediately and probably make him fright because of their own inadequacy as a caring husband and a desire to improve. And methods of action, but unfortunately only in the candy buketny period, maximum - on their honeymoon.

Men's world many women's quirks said nothing. For women with their more emotional attitude towards yourself and others, even small trouble may seem a tragedy and as a result - tears. First husband, even without understanding the full depth of misery (for example, non-compliance of shoes and dresses), rushes to save and comfort. And then events are growing like a snowball. Wife, convinced of the efficacy of the method starts to use it at the slightest provocation, even when she did not want to cry. Husband, who eventually get bored of these trifling sufferings become skimp on comfort and slower performance desired, which can provoke a new round of insults, and accordingly - tears. And this couple gets into a vicious circle.

Aerobatics by a woman is a gamble with her tears. Promise "now I will pay" a man perceives as a reproach that he was a bad husband - a callous and selfish. Of course, he hastened to correct and even do it a few times, but after a while, seeing the futility of their efforts and a steady stream of tears, can become really stale. And it will be rather a defensive reaction, rather than its intrinsic quality. Truly - "for that fought for it and ran."

To feel the sensation of her husband with tears at the slightest provocation, lovers cry may be advisable to recall their own emotions from communicating with the constantly nagging child, no matter how loved he was. Also men: first, they have a desire to help, then confusion, disappointment, frustration and then climax - anger. Women's tears - a very strong stimulus, and if you use it constantly, it is not surprising that a man wants to get rid of this stimulus, and divorce is inevitable.

Women's tears - a very powerful weapon, and use it must be carefully and often. But efficiency will be much higher.

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