Wife over her husband especially marriage

Wife over her husband especially marriage
 There is a stereotype that the husband must be older than his wife. This is partly due to its role as breadwinner, the head of the family. However, every year is more unequal marriages in which the wife is older than her husband, though sometimes a lot. Relationships they often do not add up as in more conventional families where the age difference is not so significant.
 Mature lady who chooses a husband young guy, to be ready for the emergence of a number of difficulties in the marriage. In particular, it is to be feared the same age of the elect, which may try to engage with them a love relationship. There is no guarantee that over time the young man begins to pay attention to the girls and did not understand that he would like to marry a representative of his own generation, rather than the more mature woman. Thus, the result can be a painful divorce.

The main feature of unequal marriages in which the wife is much older husband, are unusual, distorted relationships. The fact that a woman sometimes refers to her lover as a child. She takes care of her husband, and pampers its doing its best to keep in the family, fearing young and attractive rivals. Young man aspires to become an independent, strong man, who himself has to take care of his wife and protect her. He can not realize their potential, and excessive guardianship eventually becomes unbearable, and the marriage breaks up. This is the situation with unequal marriages to be feared the most.

An additional challenge can become financial situation of the spouses. Mature women often get a lot in life, develop as professionals earn a good salary. The young man is still ahead, and the role of stimulated gigolo who is not able to maintain their own families and have to use the money and connections of his wife, his burden. If a young person like everything, it can even quit his job, making "breadwinner" his wife.

Finally, another feature of unequal marriage is a different circle of friends and interests. People with a big age difference is not easy to find a common language with his friends and colleagues to each other, but because they find it difficult to be in large companies, and sometimes you have to rest apart.

Anyway, in unequal marriages there are pluses. Firstly, it's intimate life, as experienced lady who knows a lot about lovemaking, has much to teach his young, strong and passionate young man. Second, mature women because of their age sometimes much wiser young girls, and they know how to avoid problems in marriage and how to get around all the obstacles described above.

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