Whether to call his wife?

Whether to call his wife?
 In life, often have to make difficult decisions. And the older the person, the more difficult they are. This is especially true relationship in which implicated a third person. For example, if your favorite is married and has a family.
 A man in a love triangle often are satisfied. He has a house with a cozy familiar wife. And passion, and perhaps even a strong attachment to the side with his mistress. And the legal wife sometimes does not even know that her husband was unfaithful. But the mistress put into the course of what is happening very quickly, as if hinting - nothing serious will not already have a family, the second is not necessary.

If feelings for a married man serious, you can fight for their happiness. But calls lawful wife hardly contribute to this. Usually after such a furious lover stops any communication. He is trying to establish peace in the family, to prove that no mistress and there was not, and all this stupid joke. And try to stay away from the woman who put him in an awkward position. That is, in most cases, had a telephone conversation with his wife loved can only terminate the connection, and in any case not spur him to leave the house.

To reunite with loved ones, need to, oddly enough, to let him go. Not a lot of time on the relationship. Lead an active life, meet friends, get another novel. With the lover communicate easily, do not insist on the meetings, but do not give up on them. Become the direct opposite of his wife - do not force it, do not scold, do not read and do not make moral hysteria. Just have fun dating. Men by nature - hunters and prey, which behaves too loose, it is most interesting. He enforces order to bind you stronger and maybe even dare to legitimize the relationship.

In that case, if you want to live with a loved together, he decided to leave the family to report it to his wife on the phone is not worth it. This unpleasant moment requires frank talk face to face. And, of course, without a mistress. The husband should have the courage to confess his wife. Otherwise, the triple alliance will last for years, depriving you of the right to a real family and marriage with her beloved man.

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