What threatens affair with a married

What threatens affair with a married
 Very often in the minds of girls looking for their other half is made up a certain image of the perfect man. Important characteristics of this image are professional success, prosperity, the presence of certain material benefits. Therefore, look hunters often falls on the unfree men tend to be older in age. "Catch" on his youth and sexuality does not cost anything. But, girls, think about whether you need an affair with a married?

Starting a relationship with a married man, a girl, of course, expects to oust the legitimate spouse and loved from the heart and from his apartment. Two scenarios - either man really leave the family, or - no. But in both the first and the second embodiment seductress will not win a lot.

Option one - man, impassioned, tearing relationships with family and decided to divorce. However, tormented by remorse, he is likely to leave his ex-wife and children to the lion's share "of jointly acquired." So get ready to begin what is called the "from scratch". Next, think about it, if he so easily and naturally abandoned the family and children will not suffer if you a couple of years the same fate?

The second variant (by the way, is much more common) - Men Do not Leave the family. Most likely, he will stick to one of the two behaviors - either immediately announce that the family is not going away, or, worse, will feed the endless promises of a divorce, but continually postpone this event. And in fact, in both cases you - second violin - will spend most of their time alone, alone to meet the holidays and to live, as they say, "from start to finish."

So, having decided to have an affair with a married man, think twice whether to take such a sin - tear down the family, because, as you know, someone else's misfortune happiness can not be built.

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