Ways of influencing the lazy husband

Ways of influencing the lazy husband
 In some families, husbands do not differ in activity, preferring to shift responsibilities at home on the fragile shoulders of their wives. How can make a lazy man to do chores? This can help you a simple and proven in practice methods.  
 Asked her husband to help you in anything. In this case, try to stop him: start point, advise. Psychologists recommend a little anger lazy man. Only in this case it will bring to its logical conclusion, any begun business! Just do not overdo it in the "razdrakonivanii" lazy predator. Such strategies need to re alternate. If you notice that her husband still does not work, do not rush to his aid. Just get into the other room: men usually do not tolerate when someone 'worth of the soul. "

Next tactic is to use gaming moments. To do this, try to divide the daily duties. For example, even a man-lazy hardly considers the heavy housework. In this case, it is very useful to help you. Suggest my husband to do something a race to see who will. Men love competition and usually with passion belong to this game, trying to win at any cost.

You can try to work out in the husband of army discipline. Washed the dishes - get a "furlough". If not washed - Two outfit out of turn! Army bearing for some men are very logical. She recalls the military service, where everything was accessible and understandable. Received an order - it must immediately perform and get encouragement from the commander. But do not forget that the tactics of behavior must always be different, that the man has not decided what you goad them.

Last option of raising the couch male feeds is to create for him a shock situation. Try a couple of days to drive off from home "for urgent cases" and instruct him alone the entire economy. Your husband will be forced to unquestioningly follow the house while you are away and will likely learn copes with assigned duties. But beware: the man can use this situation as a little vacation, and on arrival home, you may find that the situation at home deteriorated further.

Thus, it depends on you, the best way to influence her husband playfully and soft or hard, in the army. Try periodically alternate methods described above, to find the one which in your case would be effective. However, do not overdo it and do not dump all the household chores for her husband. Remember that they need to share with each other, so agree with her husband, who and what matters will perform in the future.

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