The longer the relationship before marriage, the less - after?

The longer the relationship before marriage, the less - after?
 Not always the relationship between a man and a woman ends registrar. Before you decide to be bound by family ties, you can change a few lovers. And finally, your heart skipped a beat nice - this is the only one. But after a month, a year, two ... A partner in the meantime no hurry to offer.
 You have to mentally imagine how you cook dinner and future husband to give birth to his children ... But not in a hurry to get up partner on one knee or write a statement. He's eating your specialties, goes to the movies with you, said you loved and unique, and your question, "Honey, you do not satisfied? "Says that everything is fine. You have such a scary situation because you are afraid that because of the very long-term relationships before marriage one of you quickly bored family ties. Is this true?

Of course, the relationship of each individual pair of purely individual, and it is impossible to measure all common standards, but most psychologists agree with the statement "The longer before marriage, the less - after". The reason is banal. Man enough to learn about your partner during the relationship or living together, starts to think about - whether it is his destiny?

This is especially true of men. For him, a lovely woman - a real queen, whom he idolized and considered unearthly. But when the "alien" suits him scandals walks in curlers and a long time ago told the partner everything about his past - that it is extraterrestrial? He knows the list of its former rate, pedicure and saw her without makeup - no more secrets. No light veil of secrecy - and it certainly needed before marriage and after. Man and woman must remain for each other a small but riddles - the only way to preserve a strong relationship for a long time. And many women have time to show all his "inside story" long before marriage, that man and varies with the proposal. His tormented thoughts and doubts - "and whether it will be as beautiful? "" Does it have something more interesting? "," What she can rekindle my interest in and add novelty? ». So always stay a little at a distance, always leave a bit of understatement - and your relationship will be long before marriage and after the registrar. 

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