The ideal wife: man's opinion

The ideal wife: man's opinion
 Despite the fact that the ideal and the ideal are controversial concepts, the concept of "perfect wife" for most men is characterized by similar traits. Female and male same idea of ​​the perfect wife completely different.  

According to men, the ideal wife should be feminine, and self-understanding. With regard to the ideal appearance, beautiful shapes and long legs, for most men, it is not important. But be that as it may, men love with their eyes, and femininity - it is a kind of beauty. A woman should always be attractive and sexy. Although, where it is - at a party or at home.

The ideal wife should be smart. And in this case it does not indicate the presence of higher education and prestigious job. Clever wife should be able to listen to a partner, give advice or express their opinions.

The ideal wife should look like so that it not only wanted to own husband, but other men. A woman should always express their feelings towards his beloved, to say that he is the best in this world. It must be able to educate a man, using not only the whip, but and carrots.

Most men want to know how perfect wife with the housework, cook and create comfort at home. But she needs to do before he came. Walking home from work, a man wants a delicious dinner, watch your favorite TV show and have sex, but not with his wife, tired and nervous, and with the Enchantress.

Men will not please the one hand husbands want their wives were the subject of adoration and imitation, but on the other hand, as soon as their wives do compliments foreign men, her husband wakes up a sense of ownership. Men by nature owners. The woman, in their opinion, fragile creature, which must always be her husband.

The ideal wife and the woman in the opinion of the fair sex - is not the same concept. The woman in the first place should be the mistress and the wife - a homemaker.

Ideal as a wife should be the mistress and housekeeper at the same time.

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