The cult of purity leads to divorce

The cult of purity leads to divorce
 The desire for the arrangement of their homes inherent in every woman. It puts things in order, creates comfort, trying to provide a comfortable environment for your family. Sometimes this desire comes to an extreme degree.  

In his desire to bring the house clean to perfection, a woman can not be considered with anyone. It leads to a specific cleaning system, establishing a cult of purity. Every thing in the house has its place. Violating this system, family members get in return reproaches, comments, and sometimes scandals and hysteria. When this woman really do not understand why the family does not accept the rules that it is trying to install. In her understanding, it comes with the best intentions - she wants in the house was in order. However, constant disinfection, washing and rubbing make life others like to stay in the hospital.

 In the case where the husband does not adhere to such a manic desire for purity, conflict may occur, reaching to divorce. Regular reminders, reproaches and hassle constantly put pressure on her husband. He is in a state of nervous excitement. Is not in his house of rest and relaxation, it will look for them elsewhere. At this point in time my wife is very important to understand this and try to adjust their attitude to the order in the house and their behavior. She needs to learn that each of the home has its own habits and their views on the location of their things. She will have to take them into account, as members of one family should respect each other's opinions.

 The best way to prevent the occurrence of conflicts in this regard will be a dialogue in which both parties express their opinion regarding the order. Will be correct if the husband and wife come to a consensus. If the spouses seek to understand each other, then this would be easy. Otherwise, when both will be on your divorce is inevitable.

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