Sleep posture as a mirror of marriage

Sleep posture as a mirror of marriage
 It is known that a person's character can tell a lot pose in which he sleeps. But psychologists have gone even further: today, they argue that something in what position are the spouses during the night's rest, lets learn a lot about their relationship.  

When analyzing the positions of the bodies should take into account a number of circumstances which may affect the overall picture. Such factors may include forced circumstances - for those reasons or wife moved to unfamiliar bed for them, family problems and conflicts, the presence or absence in the room of other people, a number of other conditions. All of this should be taken into account, because otherwise you run the risk based on the random position to make the wrong conclusions.

Therefore, for an accurate summary should observe the sleeping couple poses for some time. And only a generalized picture is permissible to build certain assumptions.

The greatest amount of information possible to obtain contact posture. If there is a fairly strong convergence of physical, close contact, and the arms and legs intertwined, it is likely that in front of you - a young married couple, only recently married. More serious experience reflected in the fact that the reduced contact area: its "ownership" partners confirmed by a simple touch.

In addition, the convergence of positions could be evidence of a rift in the family. Quarrel - it's stress and abnormal status for people loving each other. In the dream emotions recede, and the body tries to restore the normal situation, and to remedy the lack of communication and understanding. About serious quarrels caused by the internal disorder, says the presence of greater distance between the sleepers, especially if they turned their backs to each other. However, the presence of contact indicates that this posture - an expression not quarrel, but fatigue.

The greatest degree of confidence expressed posture, which does not allow any other interpretations: lying facing each other, the partners are as close as possible and at the same time embracing each soul mate. On how to located the sleeping head, you can judge the dominance: who it is, and he plays the role of a leader. Various twists to each other also say that the family reigns understanding and trust. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to your hands: if one of the spouses are clenched in a fist, there is a desire to assert their independence.

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