Seven ways to relieve stress

Seven ways to relieve stress
 Stress - the modern killer, ruthless and merciless. Every year more and more people die from his retributive action. He takes strength, health, leads to depression ... Stop! It is necessary to deal with it! And if you follow seven simple tips, chances to win.

First - unplug. Turn off all cell phones, get away from the computer and leave the room stuffy office or home. Walk down the street, breathing in the fresh air - it's the best that can be done in minutes surging stress.

Second - fitness. In order to relieve stress, not necessarily the day disappear in the simulator room, increasing mountain of muscle. It will be sufficient few sessions a week for 30 minutes. Morning jog, walk the dog, play with the kids in the yard - any individual action will help mentally relax and get some rest.

Third - dancing. Besides, it does not matter - you are a professional dancer or just a fan of the music jump. Any dance perfectly relieve stress, and even uplifting.

Fourth - the garden. It is known that gardening helps to forget about all the problems. This is a fact. But if the constant life in the city so much alienated from Mother Nature, it is not as scary as it may seem at first glance. Color on the balcony or in the room will be an excellent alternative to a blossoming garden.

Fifth - aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is one of the most effective ways to overcome stress. You can take a warm bath, adding a few drops of peppermint oil or lavender. This will help you relax and fall asleep. Plus, you can also use the oil burner. They do not require the immersion in water. Just add a few drops of rose oil and light a candle - and relaxed atmosphere in the room is guaranteed. At a certain desired, you can turn it all into a romantic evening for myself.

Sixth - diary. Stresses often prevents women to focus on truly important matters. To get rid of their fear, anxiety, negative emotions, it is possible to keep a diary. And there record everything that happens during the day that will not work for a long time to keep in mind, or all negative and positive emotions that are experiencing the day.

Seventh - laughter. It increases the level of endorphins in the blood and is perfectly relieves stress. The best solution would be watching your favorite comedy or comedy shows alone or with friends (the latter is preferable as a friendly company itself can lift your mood).

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