Seven ways to overcome his jealousy

Seven ways to overcome his jealousy
 Friends and relatives, people often perceive your jealousy as offensive confirmation of mistrust on your part. Often it is groundless and leads to the destruction of relationships.
 To deal with jealousy, should first raise their self-esteem. If you love and value yourself, loved ones and others will appreciate you and treat you with love.

Stop fantasizing too carried away. Imagine an imaginary opponent. Now vote image that you have created in your mind. You will be surprised, because realize that your opponent - you only idealized. Now try to do everything for you to be that proper ideal.

Work on yourself. If you are overwhelmed by jealousy, then you have reduced self-esteem and it is time to think about yourself. For a start look at yourself through the eyes of the opponent that you have created in your mind. Now think about how many advantages you will find in it? Precisely those qualities, of which you have forgotten, being zealous in their empty suffering.

It is worth to engage in self-development. It can be various hobbies: sports, books, crafts. No matter what, as long as it gives you pleasure, and helped to drive earnest thoughts out of my head.

The perfect remedy for jealousy - attention. Even if you are very tired, never spend watching TV their free time. You need to have fun in the company of friends. Arrange a shopping or go to the movies, to the exhibition. And, of course, go to a beauty salon. Treat yourself to a loved one such day, and tomorrow you will remember all your anxiety with a smile.

Always be myself, never changes its internal content. You can change her hair style, but his soul and life principles is not necessary to change.

And if you still can not cope with jealousy on their own, contact a qualified therapist who can help you sort out your feelings and fears.

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