Remarriage: how not to step on a rake old

Remarriage: how not to step on a rake old
 Having gone through a divorce, people often try to find a new love. Again they marry and start a family take on new life. However, to make remarriage successful and prevent another divorce, you need to take into account their mistakes.
 Remarry, you most deeply explore new partner. The fact that women tend to choose men with certain common features. The lady who complains that all her suitors are mama's boy, rags or, on the contrary, Hammami and tyrants, just subconsciously chooses the same men, rejecting all others. Do not expect to change the nature of her new husband, you still will not work. It is better to think about what traits should have your one and only beloved, whom he must work out how much to make, etc.

A portrait of the elect, go someplace you've probably come across it. You adore muscular, strong and brave men who will support and protection for you? Go to the gym, look for the elect among the participants of sports and so on. You love creative people with a rich imagination? Change the job to be closer to the writers, designers, journalists, artists and members of other professions that you like. Take a look at his new colleagues, find out what places in your city often visited creative people, and go in search!

It is not necessary to remarry soon after meeting with a new lover, especially if your first marriage broke up because of the same ill-considered decisions. The woman who married for the first time to throw it out of spite guy could very well the second time to do the same in spite the former spouse. Cool down somewhat and do not step back into the same trap.

Think of what your marriage broke up the first time. Maybe you're too pressed on her ex-husband, insulted his family and friends, do not take care of yourself and poorly led housework? Try not to repeat these mistakes in the future, because they may lead to another divorce. Chances are, you and will get married, get divorced and go out again until you change yourself and your attitude towards men.

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