Myth or marriage? Facts family life

Myth or marriage? Facts family life
 Cohabitation, marriage, family life and children are the main components of family life. Will this happy life depends solely on the relationship lined two closest people. Of course, the family will always be there to help or give advice that is not always a positive effect on the relationship.

There are many myths that are dispelled, when it comes to experience. Many young couples still believe that there are some basics or stereotypes, which must adhere to creating a family.

Have a child need not later than 2 years after the start of family life. Rather than build a life and pursue a career, a young family is trying hard to make the offspring, as it is believed that the appearance of a child - a guarantee of long-term relationships. However, not yet accustomed to each other people after the birth of a child can not share the responsibilities that fully piled on top of each. And with this start conflicts, misunderstandings and possibly rupture of relations.

Many couples before marriage to test their relationship a long life together, because they believe that it is a guarantee that they just fit together. In fact, living together before the wedding couples the same probability of divorce in the near future, as well as those who began to build their relationship after her household. Maybe it's due to the fact that living together unmarried provokes negligence in relation to each other, as a matter of fact no one owes nothing.

It has long been believed that men do not like smart women, so educated girl is more difficult to get married. In fact, the man does not want to see next to a fool who can not think for themselves. Because in this case he has to solve all the problems and correct her mistakes.

Domestic violence can occur after marriage. Unfortunately, until now many families the man allows himself to raise his hand against a woman. But single women and women living in a civil marriage, are abused more often. Most likely, this is due to the fact that having lived with a despot in a civil marriage, a woman begins to realize that for him to get married is not necessary.

Civil marriage is contrary to the general opinion is absolutely not comparable with the official registration of relations. Only after the consolidation of relations stamp the passport together living people gain self-confidence, peace of mind and make plans for the future life without the gaps.

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