Mom and her husband - hate at first sight. Whose side to take?

Mom and her husband - hate at first sight. Whose side to take?
 At first everything seemed to went well. Mom was happy, what is your husband, caring, hard-working, and how much better it is your last boyfriend Borka. But over time, the situation has changed. Of the perfect man-in-law gift turned into sloppy drinker, lazy and smug bugger that, of course, is not worthy of such a great woman like you. What is your favorite male and your mom started the Cold War, and what to do in this situation for you?

Conflict of children and parents, and especially mothers-in-law, as well as the mother-in-law with - not news. A similar situation faced by virtually all young couples. No wonder so many jokes on this invented. The hardest hit, of course, have you. After all, you have to find a compromise, constantly choose between a mother and a loved one, and to make such a choice is not always easy. To get started, try to understand the causes of persistent conflict. Who picks them? Mom unhappy son in law, or vice versa?

I must say that most of it was mom constantly interfering in the lives of their adult daughters for a long time. They think that they have to help her little daughter to establish life. In-law is in such a situation is perceived as a supplement whose life also needs to help organize. If you try to look at the situation through the eyes of his mother, you may be able to soften the sharp edges in communication or to find a compromise.

It also happens that your husband accustomed to obeying their own mom. When you see your he starts to appear slight bewilderment, and then the alarm, turning into irritation. Of course, the mother-in-law will never be a mother, and rarely seriously claim to this role, but her attempts to get close may cause the rejection of all the more because of the fact that it does not look like his own mother.

Among other things, the history of known cases is quite peaceful existence Tiffany in-law. This proves that there is still possible. And if someone happened, why do not you try?

In any situation, do not forget that we are talking about two adults independent people who, if desired, may well negotiate and find a compromise. Constant swearing hardly anyone can give more pleasure than a quiet life, albeit with some concessions on the part of everyone.

If we are no negotiations and persuasion does not work, is one tried and tested method - to get away from the source of anxiety. Mom - it's certainly wonderful. She loved one, need to care about it, it must be love. But consider whether you want to do it at the cost of his own family happiness? And, in the end, if the daughter would be her fault unhappy hardly mom is very rejoice. Remember that your life - yours alone. After all, no wonder they say that the young have to live separately from their parents. Do not allow yourself to bend to the situation, even if the circumstances are such that your own children can grow up in an atmosphere of love and understanding, rather than recrimination between adults.

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