Men's socks on its owner

Men's socks on its owner
 Men's socks - perhaps the only article of clothing that causes a collective emotional response in the female half of the population and the desire to share it on the theme forum. Men, if a woman came (literally fell) to the level of discussion of your socks - rest assured, it is not indifferent to you.

Gathering all men's socks in a heap, you will surely get an odd number of cotton products. Nature of socks full of mysteries and remains true to herself. Now let them rassortiruem together with men to choose one or the other pair.

Socks monochrome colors - black, white, and derivatives of these shades of gray - almost silent. Therefore, we need additional features. They have a label? On the basis of its authenticity and fame, you can figure out what the degree of importance attached to invisible man studied, it would seem, at first glance things. The lack of high-profile designer names in the area of ​​the ankle, however, does not exclude it esthete and a lover of comfort - if socks «no name» made of high-quality products.

Socks bright scales, with original drawings, custom length and shape, like a glove, with space for each finger - they most likely were presented to him. Emphasizes the presence of younger sister, fellow jokers or girls needlewoman. Moms are usually inclined to give socks "Russian winter failed" - the warmer and more severe, the better. But with them is difficult to get into the shoes, so these men wear socks at home or at the cottage. If the man himself has chosen and, most importantly, put on socks bright, flickering out of his pants, and they will cry: "Notice how extraordinary our host! ".

Further, not disdained, try to determine the freshness of the sock or a pair of socks, if you are lucky and you find the second. Cleanliness is inversely proportional smelled. But it is worth considering the time of year and type of shoe, which visited the sock. Summer instances in sneakers and socks do a favor. Also temperamental men with high testosterone levels are sweating profusely and more - in a word, the males.

About the man and tells you what and how he wears socks. Ability to correctly pick up a pair for a wardrobe staple - whether it's a business suit or denim shorts, gives a man with a good sense of style. Perhaps in his briefcase or backpack you will find men's glossy magazine, do not panic. The desire to walk in socks and flip-flops on the waterfront - to put it mildly, strange, you never know that such a copy to the head.

Permanently torn socks come in two forms. First - it's socks your husband or son - they either have to throw away, or a family council to decide who will mend. And the second - socks strange men. Decide for yourself what to do and what to think in this case.

The last thing worth mentioning - socks man can choose a mom or a wife - depending on with whom he shares a living space. In the case of silent obedience choice - he was accustomed to comfort and tend to trust women. Be observant.

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