Manly beauty

Manly beauty
 For the sake of beauty ready to make many sacrifices, not only representative of the beautiful half of humanity, but also the male part of the population. 20% of men believe their appearance imperfect and are even ready to correct it surgically, with women all seem to be more or less clear, but what is he - the ideal of manly beauty? What men want and what we, beautiful ladies, expect their appearance?

Beauty men must transmit its power, it is this type of brutal beauties like most women, to a similar conclusion was reached by US researchers, shows a group of women and girls Pictures of a wide variety of men. Attractive to American thought himself physically developed beauties with rough hands and large features, and slender young man did not pay attention to little. In place of effeminate boys metrosexuals with manicure and dyed bangs image comes to truly manly beauty. Women were not ready to share space for creams and tonics on the shelves in the bathroom with his men.

Manly, handsome in terms of women should be confident, and it is this inner confidence to make attractive features of his face. But the fairer sex is still somewhat disingenuous, because modern civilization and business etiquette greatly ennobled primitive handsome, and find a nice man who did not look after themselves, it became almost impossible.

Today, handsome still must look into the beauty and hair salon. For most men, the most important piece of beautiful appearance is considered to be well-groomed hair and fingernails. Do not neglect the modern beauties and means for skin care cream after shaving is an essential attribute of a third of the stronger sex. One tenth of the men said that their skin is decorated with a tan, and many men over 45-50 years embellish them appear in gray hair, regularly massage courses and make lifting.

In addition, the brave and handsome man should smell like courage, of course, without perfume and deodorants can not imagine my life most men, but no less attractive for women is the smell of clean men's skin.

Also among the parameters of beauty, is mentioned by representatives of both sexes, is tightened figure and developed muscles, manly, handsome broad shoulders and stocky, and therefore at least a couple times a week to play sports in all its manifestations.

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