Life in the family of her husband: a difficult test

Life in the family of her husband: a difficult test
 Getting married, a small number of women think about that lies ahead is not unclouded happiness, and many trials. One of them may be living in her husband's family. And it will help to sustain only patience, prudence and calm.

The beginning of married life difficult by the fact that after a period of courtship, the couple look at each other with different eyes. Manifestation is not the most pleasant habits often lead to recriminations. But all this is quite possible to survive. After lapping moments sooner or later come to an end. And life is gaining the usual pace.

It would seem not so difficult to overcome all obstacles, if not another problem: the presence of relatives. Of course, by themselves they do not bring much harm, except that in-law or mother-in-law sometimes annoying. Looks much darker prospect to live with them in the same house. And more similar fate befalls a woman than a man. So the question arises: "How to overcome this difficult test? ". Of course, a lot of patience.

In case you initially well received, serenity and reasonable view of things you can earn the respect and trust. Thus making their existence bearable and perhaps happy.

If the husband's family is not inclined to to at least try to love you, the situation is more complicated. Completely ignore the new family will not work. Just because their opinion is important for your loved one. He should help: support and protect. His relatives are obliged to understand that the choice is made and non-negotiable. And to convey this message to the relatives can only the man himself. In this case, you, as an intelligent wife, should not persuade her husband to the conflict. On the contrary, try to find a compromise. Peace talks usually help to reach an agreement.

Also soften the hearts of severe birth relatives can baby. But such action is necessary to perform only confident in the mutual feelings and serious relationship. You can not use the child as a means to peace.

And do not forget that your main goal - to save his family, and with his family someday surely will be able to live separately.

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