Is there sex after marriage?

Is there sex after marriage?
 Even on their wedding night, many newlyweds forget about their marital duties in favor of relaxing or watching gifts. And it would not be so sad if the trend is not maintained in the future. However, most couples have to admit that in the first year of marriage decreases the amount of sex, and its quality is reduced.

Sex in marriage is influenced by many extraneous factors, ranging from budget planning and ending communication with her mother in law. Women are more likely to sink into the problem, and this will inevitably lead to dissatisfaction in the sexual life. How can resist the negative effects of domestic problems? Will have to develop a selfishness. At certain moments, especially in the marital bedroom, learn to think only about their desires and needs. Just as you once used to appreciate the qualities of the soul partner, try to see him as the one who will bring you pleasure.

Of course, sex after marriage becomes available. Women and especially men like these new benefits: at any time, without any moral and material costs, they can easily get what you want. However, contradictory human nature quickly satiated availability. As you know, the forbidden fruit is always sweeter and more desirable than the fruit of the resolution, the more active the proposed. It is more difficult with this state of affairs to manage men, as they are by their nature are used to manage the situation, rather than follow the instructions. Then what is it that holds together a pair of stable and strong? Oddly enough, salvation becomes female inconsistency. Many of the ladies due to the peculiarities of the psyche can periodically change their behavior - from tenderness and devotion to cold. Feeling when your partner does not know what you expect return on the novelty. Although a sense of proportion too, should not forget.

One more thing - no secrets. Now everyone knows what you did last night. On the one hand, this has a lot of advantages. And on the other - lost the feeling of something forbidden, hidden, which in itself is a powerful sexual stimulus. Out of this situation is simple - add in family relations little secrets. For example, by receiving spying. Surrounded by people or alone at home need to look closely at her husband, and when he caught your eye, immediately turn away. So to be done several times. No matter what you are thinking at this point, but it is better if every look will express different emotions. Such behavior is intriguing, causing interest and your mate, and others. Let others try to figure out what is your behavior. Left alone at last, you will once again feel the alluring aura of mystery.

And finally, marital sex sooner or later becomes monotonous. Marrying, many men on a subconscious level is still regret the lost sexual freedom. They feel hostage obligations formalities. By the way, in pairs, unmarried, such problems do not arise. Therefore, trying to lull men's anxiety, do not focus on the deep sense of the marriage bond. Teach her chosen the wedding - just a beautiful ceremony and really connects you love, not responsibility.

Legally married me a lot about life and consciousness of both spouses. Sexual relations are also not sidestep such changes. While this does not mean that they are necessarily negative. What will be sex after marriage, depends on our efforts. Therefore, even after the wedding, do not relax, but rather, getting used to the new benefits of marital status, simultaneously working on problems that may arise.

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