In-law - A Hunting Accident

In-law - A Hunting Accident
 Few before the wedding seriously thinking what kind of relationship they will develop in-law. Love charm, euphoria wedding days ... And only when starting the first discord in-law, the young understand - she just took her husband's name. She came into his family. Confrontation daughter-in-law - a natural phenomenon. It is important that it is not turned into a war.

Who is this "Sweet and Tender Beast" - mother in law? Imagine it's your beloved mother for her daughter. And when your son grows up, you too will become a mother in law.

Try to see at a glance in his mother-not a potential enemy, namely, the mother of your loved one. Already for this can be grateful to her - she brought such a good son. Otherwise, would he become your preferred choice?

It's for your mother in law - the same child she was not going to lose. S important to keep the influence on his son, and she was waiting with his hand the usual attention. Now his care will have to share with you. This is for you girlfriend husband life. A mother in law and sister in law - in fact two strangers to each other women who are forced to occasionally overlap in the same area.

The best way for a young family - immediately begin to live separately. If this is not possible, you have to adjust themselves. Have patience and wisdom. Share-in-law one farm, especially the kitchen, always psychologically difficult. Especially if the mistress of the house before it was just.

With this and start a confrontation between mother-and daughter. Between you gets jealous. And if the two women will require the same attention, the poor man would have to be torn between two fires. Whichever side he did not join, peace in the family is under constant threat.

Attitude husband's mother to you will largely depend on how she once talked with his mother in law. Unconsciously, she repeats the usual for her behavior. This does not mean that all-in-law - bitch. But even if your husband's mother - a wise intelligent woman, which itself tends towards you, it will remain on your pole, and you - on his own.

According to family psychologists, such a confrontation (to a greater or lesser extent) the natural and inevitable. It depends on you, whether it will grow into a war. You have entered a family favorite, and not stolen the child from the mother. So be a part of this family! "The swing of rights" in a raised voice - this is not a sign of strong character. Sometimes you need to be much stronger to just keep quiet.

Immediately need to define your role. For in-law husband - my mother, and you - a wife. You do not want to interfere with your mother-in-marital relations? So you do not invade the relationship between mother and son. Each - their privileges and territory, duties and rights.

While everyone in the family in its place, everything was okay. Two women share a common goal - happiness man whom they love. The conflict also occurs if someone violates routine. Mother in law will strive for total control over a young family, and you try to fully separate her from her son.

Sit down at the negotiating table. Sometimes it is helpful just to listen carefully to his second mother to make her feel your attention and respect. Even if your relationship is tense, keep "bad peace", which is always better than a good quarrel.

So whether you need the trappings of power, if the future of the family - in the hands of you and your children? For the sake of peace and loved the opportunity to grow in an atmosphere of family kids fret wise woman presented with ambition.

To build your own world, does not need to break the established life-in-law. Gradually she will get used to the fact that his son had a family. In the course of life, you write your original family history. It is required to make room beloved grandmother of your children.

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