How to wean her husband from the computer

How to wean her husband from the computer
 Every year there are more men who are computer replaces the proper rest. For some reason, they are more prone to computer addiction than women. A husband is like a drug addict: for the sake of another "dose" of a favorite game or internet - communication, he donates to many, especially communication with his second half.
 The first symptoms of computer addiction often go unnoticed. Husband bought a new exciting game for several nights at the computer, distracted only for sleep and food ... But the game will be passed, and everything will return to their seats. But then the husband buys a new posting on the discussion forums with partners in the game. And now, it is nothing but a computer is not interested. On his own initiative dependence he will not give up. Beloved need your help.

 Talk to him openly. Do not try to shout, argue and put the second half of ultimatums on the principle of "Choose - me or him." This will cause only irritation and unwillingness to continue the conversation. Understand - my husband does not pretend he genuinely does not realize the extent of their own dependence and reasons for claims. Therefore, try to calmly explain a loved one, you do not have enough of his attention that he begins to lose touch with reality and the virtual world displaces live chat. You must help him to realize that you are concerned about his condition and that the computer - this is not the only possible form of entertainment.

 Confirm spoken words with deeds. Organize your spouse an interesting and varied leisure, to the desire to spend the evening at a laptop gradually disappeared. Options - the mass. Visit the theater, concert tickets of his favorite rock band, long-awaited sports match. Even if you are not a football fan, try to endure two halves for the return of family happiness. Offer to cook a gourmet dinner together, and then get a dish to taste a bottle of good wine and a solitary conversation. If you can show her husband that life outside of the monitor screen is much brighter and more interesting, the computer games and the Internet will lose all meaning for him.

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