How to tell husband about pregnancy

How to tell husband about pregnancy
 The husband should be the first to whom you entrust your secret. From how you tell him about the pregnancy depends on his reaction to the joyful message. If you value your spouse, find the right way to present the news is not difficult.
 Told her husband about the pregnancy is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The main thing - do not make mistakes. Immediately discard the idea to use for this phone. You have to see the reaction of the future father personally, it is important to understand how really your husband refers to this event. If you both planned this pregnancy, my husband deserves to you to surprise him. For example, it is possible to time the news to any festive event. Give him the box, which put the baby booties. This hint will double the joy of setting between you more trusting relationship.

If the pregnancy is unexpected, and the spouse is unaware of the opportunities right now to become a father, you need to think of ways how to present the news. Not all men can immediately get started with the idea for them such news may be unexpected, and get used to it is not so simple, you need a certain time.

Try to "feel out" attitude of her husband to the appearance of a child. Invite guests to a familiar family with a small child, choose a more peaceful kid that he liked your husband, and he wanted to have his same. In case of suspicion that her husband would react negatively to the news, it is best to consult with your mother in law. She, more than anyone else, knows her son, her advice may be useful to you. Tell her husband about the pregnancy would have anyway, but do not despair, if the husband would not be happy at once. Give him time to recover. Svyknuvshis with the thought of future fatherhood, your husband will change the opinion and will soon be with you expect to replenish the family.

Do not hide their position from her husband for too long. He understands it as distrust of himself that is unlikely to improve your relationship in the future.

In a sense, becomes a message about pregnancy test, a test of how spouses treat each other. Even if the pregnancy is not desired, the husband can not force his wife to give birth to the baby. According to psychologists, these men suffer from an inferiority complex, not wanting to take responsibility for the family itself. Decide whether you need a husband.

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