How to survive a divorce from her husband

How to survive a divorce from her husband
 Divorce - this is the real test, and each can survive it without risk to the psyche. Someone plunges headlong into the work, completely forgetting about yourself. Some urgently looking to replace ex-husband. Well, most of the members of ex-wives fall into a deep depression.

According to the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation, more than half of marriages is waiting for the tragic outcome. The reasons for this are vast. Do not forget about it. You - not the first nor the last. However, most have the strength to pull myself together and get back to normal life. Right and you.


Need to realize what happened. Yes, now you have one. Yes, he's gone. And the long nights of waiting will not help change the situation. On the contrary, only worsen your condition.

The path to peace

Coolly through divorce is unlikely to succeed. Because - let me vent to emotions! Secluded spot or shoulder faithful friend - is not an option? Howl beat hysterically, shout, complain plenty. Remember as a child? Weep, and it becomes easier. Resentment is now far from the child, but to throw out the negative - is necessary. And do not even once. And only then will you be ready for the next step.

It is worth considering

Is this the only man? Yes, it was so. What he left behind? Pain. So perhaps because of it worth breaking your life? His favorite newspaper, household items, slippers, finally. For what? Get rid! You need to free your home from the traces of the man and of the separation. Children. Under no circumstances should you try to blackmail the man child, do not forbid them to see. Do not adjust the child against the father. He needed him.

How to live

For all the experiences you've probably forgotten the last time to enjoy life. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do not you gorgeous? If not, then it's time to finally engage themselves. And spend time not only good, but also with pleasure. Perhaps the attic unsold your old dream, to which did not reach the hands? So boldly!

The Result

In a short time, you will become much more confident in myself. Finally, realize that there is life after divorce. By the time you analyze your life "to" break it down and determine the goals in life. And that not notice how to grow your army of admirers. Whom do you choose and what it is - the problem you decide to move themselves.

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