How to return her husband's passion

How to return her husband's passion
 Long-term relationships tend to gradually turn into a household. Passion no longer boils, tenderness rarely seen, and you're watching TV, not even touching each other. This situation can and must be corrected, and this should be addressed immediately.
 Loss of passion in the relationship of a married couple - a fairly common phenomenon. You see each other every day, in all kinds of conditions and that is why romantic feelings gradually fade away. Ceasing to look after themselves, the partners have resorted to the monotonous sex, and do not try to impress. This state of affairs deserves an early change, so you should take the initiative in their own hands and make a relationship reboot.

To start viewing your bedroom and pretend what it looks like more - on a bed passionate lovers or for storage place unnecessary things. Create a romantic atmosphere in it. Change your underwear in a daisy on silk or with drawings of hearts, get rid of piles of books and magazines, hot things and table lamps. Purchase a night light with a light red color.

Assess your view at the entrance to the most intimate room of the house. Remember, as you lay in bed early in the relationship and what sleep lately. If you're coming from a beautiful linen to cotton pajamas, it is necessary to change something. Take your time and money and find a beautiful robe with lace.

Change yourself. Image change will allow your husband to rebuild their attitude towards you as a long-time girlfriend. Change the hairstyle or hair color, buy clothes that had not dared to wear. Show your spouse that you are capable of much.

Prove husband its appeal. Make it easier just to attract attention through other men. Try to go more cafes and restaurants, cinemas and bowling. Try to look irresistible, and the attention of the opposite sex you provided. Does your spouse work instinct, and he again wants to strengthen its position.

Suggest my husband to try something new in bed. A change of scenery, a place or habitual posture - all this will positively affect your sexual relationship.

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