How to recognize a man's infidelity

How to recognize a man's infidelity
 Men's betrayal - a fairly common phenomenon, so women at times unsure of loyalty to his partner. However, there are several possible grounds on which we can determine the presence of other men ladylove.
 The first evidence that the man appeared secret life - is being with him around the clock mobile phone. Before he could lie in the most unexpected places, but now always at the host, so that no one else could find out who he is calling and writing messages. In addition, you should pay attention to the appearance of the password in the phone, via email and on your computer, if they were not there before: they often mean that a man has something to hide.

The emergence of new partner in the lexicon of expressions, jokes, word-parasites can say that he unconsciously imitating the object of his passion. It should also be wary if a loved one began to use some words with another accent, especially when he used to put it properly (for example, in the word "call" and cognate). Close relationship with another woman can influence the manner of speech in general.

If a man has decided to radically change the image (to shave his beard, change the strict business suit on a stylish denim) and habits (quit smoking or smoke, stop eating meat and become a vegetarian), then it is possible that these changes are made to please his new passion. And if he does something for him before was not found (surprisingly brings breakfast in bed, opens the door and gives a hand to help get out of it, avidly reads uncharacteristic literature and watching TV shows that are used to not paying attention) , then it is likely that it taught him another lover.

Of great importance are the mood and look of a man at the moment when he comes home from work. If after an exhausting day of work, he sings songs, cheerful and kind and still looks clean and fresh, then most likely, it came from the meeting, which did not forget to take a shower to wash off the smell of another woman.

Traditionally apostate long and often delayed at work, but at the same time he could perform dressage "left" and during working hours. So it makes sense to track unobtrusively reading on the speedometer of the car, unless, of course, his work is not associated with frequent travels around the city: in this case, to recognize the betrayal will be difficult. However, the signal to the fact that you have to be careful and pay attention to other manifestations of infidelity, can serve to push the unusual front passenger seat, if it is systematic.

Much can tell sexual behavior. The emergence of new techniques in bed, recession or a surge of activity men in intimate relationships, regular failure in sex with reference to extreme fatigue: as a rule, women feel any changes. Also found in the pocket of clothing, personal belongings, or the glove compartment of the car condom may indicate the presence of his other sexual partner, though not necessarily.

Accidentally forgotten in a pocket checks of perfume, jewelry stores or boutiques underwear or unexpected gifts for no reason (perfume, lipstick, lingerie, jewelry, etc.) can be considered a sign of a new fascination partner. This is also indicated by increased spending on car repairs, participation Birthdays colleagues and friends and other costs, causing significant damage to the joint budget. Maybe some truth in this, but most of the money flow away in the direction of his mistress.

These features, though typical of many unfaithful men, but still do not show absolute treason. At the same time, they provide an opportunity to ponder the situation and try to turn it to their advantage.

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