How to protect your relationship from everyday problems

How to protect your relationship from everyday problems
 Human relations - a puzzle that not all given to solve, but we must strive to the desired goal. Domestic problems are not simple fragment rebus. Overcome them is not easy, but possible.

As sad as it may sound, but in a relationship can not rage eternal passion and tireless love. Slowly and surely moving relations to a new level. In place of a storm of emotions and feelings come hurricane calm, understanding and stability. Burgers and washing is not so romantic as roses and kissing in the park. But if you want to be together, it is necessary to accept the presence of domestic problems and learn how to solve them quickly.

Need to talk, understand exactly what you do not like. Did you overdo soup, and your faithful disgusting smacked his lips while eating. All fixable, if you sit down at the negotiating table. It is necessary to make all of each other, but without hysterics and scandals. Do it calmly and constructively.

An important point - the division of responsibilities at home. It is unlikely that a woman will arrange, if the house is on it, and the husband comes home, lies on the couch, drinking coffee and read a magazine, and lamenting, what a difficult and thankless job at it. The family - equality, each must perform household duties.

Maybe you're tired of the monotonous life, and therefore cling to detail. Should go to rest, soak up the sun, feel the charm of water treatments or to drive to the mountains - to ski or board. New emotions and update old feelings - that now can not hurt.

Not to interfere in the relationship between parents. Smart tips love to give moms, friends, girlfriends. But no one can know thoroughly your problems. Relationship building two people, the problems they have to solve themselves. If you own does not work, should see a specialist - family psychologist.

Learn to forgive each other. Do not hoard of resentment and discontent. Everything has a face. Why do I need a time bomb? Share your problems and try to solve them on the spot.

Speak openly about their feelings, desires, grievances. This will help both you and your partner that will not be guessing at a disgruntled look and inflated lips.

Discussions of the day limited duty phrases or wash up bones relatives and neighbors? So, too, it will not work. Select the total employment. This may be reading books, cycling, roller skating, trips to the theater or opera. Share your impressions of what he saw and heard, look for common interests, topics of conversation. You must be comfortable together.

Constantly nourished relationship. Do each other little surprises, gifts, even a minor mark the date of marriage, be original. This also applies to sex. Problems may arise in a bed. Vary your sex life.

Boat of love can keep afloat only two people. Appreciate what you have each other, respect yourself and partner in life and do not forget that the main thing in a relationship - trust and understanding.

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