How to mark the first anniversary

How to mark the first anniversary
 It seems that your marriage has been recently, but was held for a year, and there was the first anniversary, calico wedding, as it is called by the people. The couple want to make this day special and memorable, come up with a way to please and surprise your mate. And most importantly - to highlight this celebration of the monotony of everyday life, then to with love and affection to recall his first wedding anniversary.

Mark the first anniversary of the wedding can be different, it all depends on the willingness and capacity of the spouses. You can invite guests on that day or just a romantic evening, spread rose petals, light candles and give your favorite a huge bouquet of flowers, but you can come up with, and something interesting.

For example, during the dinner you can disturb the doorbell. Opening it, you will see a stork. Of course, not present, and puppets, but he will tell you about his travels and travel, how long he was looking for exactly your family, but now everything will be fine in a few months in your home will crumbs. Especially important is the greeting when you have already decided on a conception of the child, but cherished two stripes have not yet seen.

In the first wedding anniversary and you can stroll through the memorable places to visit the site first date or just go on nature, creating a romantic mood. A pleasant surprise will be the sudden appearance of the air lantern in the shape of heart on which to write your names. And if you decide to ride in a balloon, then this anniversary just remembered to you for a long time.

Another good option - along with witnesses café, which was a banquet and just remember how it took place on the day of the wedding. And if you really want to surprise your mate, then arrange a meeting with cupid right in the restaurant.

In the midst of fun funny man suddenly appears with white curls in gold dress with a bow and arrow in his hands. He'll tell you how in a hurry and was not afraid to catch the celebration. In his poems he can express all the feelings that you have for the husband / wife. Such a greeting and a declaration of love will help you both understand the whole truth and depth of your feelings.

Some newlyweds celebrate first wedding anniversary wedding, wedding day if they did not. Possibly this version is even better than that when the two major actions occur in a single day. Firstly, the wedding day and so very busy, and if you add the wedding, the forces can not just stay. And secondly, the year the couple get to know each other and understand what is really ready for the wedding.

This is not all ways to mark the anniversary of marriage. There are many other interesting and nontrivial congratulations. Do not be afraid to express their imagination. In the modern world possible to implement any idea, even the boldest.

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