How to learn to understand the logic of the male

How to learn to understand the logic of the male
 Men and women do not always understand each other. After all, every person is different, so is his true to life. But sometimes you have to at least try to put yourself in the place of another. It happens that a man is trying to hide from everyone what he feels, what's going on in his mind. And the task of women - to understand its hidden or explicit intentions, standing on his point of view.
 The man, who often boasts its own logic, common sense and judgment, everything is interconnected and interfaced, and, ideally, its actions are regular and consistent. And in order to reach an understanding with the representative of the strong half of humanity, women need to understand how it is necessary to communicate with him. And thus it is necessary to take into account his habits and reactions to her mistakes during a call.

It is necessary to develop a specific strategy and to communicate in order to achieve the maximum level of understanding. For this woman must learn to perceive thinking men, strictly subordinate logic.

Rule №1. When communicating with the stronger sex do not forget that it is important for the goal itself, rather than the process of talks. He believes it is important not talk about anything.

Rule №2. Remember that man is aimed at obtaining meaningful information during the interview. It is not necessary in a conversation with him to give him hints, he can not understand them. Ask the man clearly posed questions to get a detailed, or at least a clear answer. Express their opinions openly and definitely.

Rule №3. In modern society, men have an enormous social responsibility, which determines its commitment to success in everything. When you talk to him, do not destroy the image he created for himself and others. Otherwise, you can touch a man, and he is angry.

Rule №4. As often as possible, emphasize how clever he is an interesting man, how it is pleasant to communicate, alert to what he is successful. Your support and understanding will help him to develop.

Rule №5. Try not to argue with the man, as he still ignores the set of circumstances, the nuances, shades of events, and sometimes facts that are not consistent with his worldview. It is better to keep quiet and stay in my opinion.

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