How to keep the family together

How to keep the family together
 To save the family need to know not only what destroys the Union, but also what brings people together. Habits spouses, various aspects of living together may affect the relationship as a whole, and can ruin the whole bit by bit marriage. But they can also do it only stronger, more importantly to be able to find a common language with your partner.

Most importantly, from what relationships are destroyed, it is the accumulation of criticism and pain. The less pain, better relation to humans. If the criticism is small, the relationship closer, people are happy and frank with each other. Romance leads to good sex, and candor and frequent conversations on topics most sincere give a sense of intimacy.

Joy in communication in marriage is always secondary to the grievance. People are more receptive to negative, so we must try to make it as small as possible. Otherwise, no joint visits to rest will not help.

To save the marriage, first reduce their level of conflict, and only then start to work on his charm. Learn to pay compliments, as practice good listener. Learn how to argue less, do not blame the partner for any wrong actions, because we all make mistakes. Stop criticizing really hard, but learning a couple of months you stop arguing and go up the relationship and family life will be much calmer.

Forgive her lover. Resentment accumulate much faster than absorbed. They accumulate in the subconscious, because periodically need to be able to forgive your partner, because it was the closest person brings the most pain. You need to understand it. Inability to forgive yourself and others can be considered the biggest disadvantage, which will lead to many problems.

Develop self-confidence, screened criticism, imagine that, for what you can criticize and try to work out an adequate response. Understand that there are too painful reaction to any words does not arise from the fact that the people you are constantly being bullied. This is due to the fact that the comments - it is your sore point that needs to be carefully designed.

Increase the distance of communication for some time. The closer people communicate, so they are more likely to hurt each other. After a long separation, you will forget all the insults that caused you spouse. In a relationship too strong convergence leads to resentment that accumulate faster than allowed. This method does not solve all your conflicts, and you should not leave for a few months somewhere. Just call up and more rarely spend your time with your friends. And then all return back.

Stop going to the conflict, forgiving, sometimes increase the distance. True love can keep any relationship. The main thing - do not blame everything on it, and sometimes take the attitude into their own hands.

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