How to cope with 10 male complexes

How to cope with 10 male complexes
 Each person has complexes. By and large, this is normal - too cocky confident person - a rare phenomenon. There are systems and men, some of them in all the same.

The complex is the first, perhaps the most common - a man not afraid to satisfy their partner in bed. Everything is simple. If you are really good with this person, do not hesitate and give it to understand it. Then you can operate not only the words, your gestures and attitudes prompt the man that he will meet your expectations.

The complex is the second: a man (not everyone, of course, but most) is afraid to marry. There laid subconscious fear of losing freedom, which men cherish more women. In no case do not insist on the legalization of your relationship. Be patient, and the man himself will come to this step.

The complex of three: a man, unable to make a career may complexes about what does not occupy a high position. If you see that your companion is really rankles, gently tell him that all managers be impossible. Plus, top managers, according to statistics, more common health problems, such as heart and high blood pressure.

The complex of the fourth related to the previous: the fear to earn enough money. It all depends on what you need. If you are constantly sawing her man on the thickness of his wallet, the cause of this complex, unfortunately, you are. If you well enough to life, tell him not to bother with this nonsense.

The complex of five: a man can suffer because of the fact that he is a bad father. This is absolutely normal, such feelings experienced by each newly dad. Just give it time. If a woman's maternal instinct "turned on" when she first sees his rosy miracle, the man needs a lot more time.

Complex Six: oddly enough, some of the complex, if, say, for 40 years they still do not match the pattern "plant a tree, build a house, raise a child." You adults, need to understand that there is in life, and other objectives and priorities. If we follow this standard, your man is so necessary, then next weekend arrange campaign landscaped yard - trees planted there. Start will be made.

Complex Seven: fear of bald. Hair loss, many men equate almost to the loss of manhood. Remember Fyodor Bondarchuk, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel. Who has the courage to call them unmanly?

Complex Eight: fear not justify the hopes and expectations of their parents. If a boy brought up in severity and all life inspired him what exactly he has to achieve in your life, then this complex is justified. But a man must understand that not always want to become a reality. That's life, nothing can be done. Especially if he really tried.

Complex Nine: the fear that someday have to buy in the drugstore "Viagra". If a healthy man is a regular sex life with a permanent partner, then the probability of dating with blue pills reduced by at least 20 times.

Complex Ten: men are afraid of displeasing his beloved with a gift. Remember that the gift presented to you for a long time was chosen with love and affection, and therefore simply has to be taken with a smile and words of gratitude.

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