How to communicate with her mother in law

How to communicate with her mother in law
 In-law - a relative, appearing in the lives of girls immediately after marriage. And often it is something and becomes a stumbling block newlyweds. Avoid quarrels with her mother and her husband learn how to communicate with it on equal terms is possible if some effort.
 Becoming a new member of the family, you attract the special attention that is often aimed at disclosing all your secrets and weaknesses. Community-law - difficult, but nevertheless a necessary element of marriage. Do not lose face strong spirit can only daughter, ready to skillfully build a dialogue with the once important women in the life of her husband.

Get used to suffer attacks. There will be many, because you the one who stole the beloved son of his own mother. You will often try to touch, pointing out the flaws. In no case do not respond in the same tone, try to restrain myself, but better - disagree. Yes, the color blouse really bad, but what to do; and the truth is, a lot of sugar in the cake, the next time add half - these and similar situations will be smoothed simple phrases, which are easy to pronounce, let you and you will not quite sincere.

Do not argue with her mother in law, especially in the presence of her husband. Do not stoop to scandals, it is better to remain silent than to get involved in a long-standing quarrel. Sometimes mothers have a huge impact on their sons, so discord with them can lead to a sad result of your marriage.

Let her little interference in your life. Fully from it still does not get rid of, but the struggle may be delayed. In the end, sometimes tips in-law is not so useless. If you can learn, for example, to make soup for her recipe, my husband will thank you for the memories associated with use of this dish as a child.

Do not complain to her as a husband, keep your relationship problems with them. Otherwise, there may be two scenarios: you will become her enemy or foe of her husband because of morals that he would have to listen to my mother. Try to differentiate between your husband with personal and family with him and your home life.

There are advanced cases when the mother in law dismisses rumors about her daughter, actively adjusts the son of the wife and carefully climbs into his life, not giving rest for a minute. This option can be neutralized only by total disregard. Any fight will lead to an explosion, and the situation will only worsen.

Whatever your mother in law, remember that you married a man, not his family. You have every right to limit their contact with its members.

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