How to combine work and family

How to combine work and family
 Modern women are accustomed to, that can be relied on only on themselves. For this reason they put priority on career, sometimes forgetting about the family, which are sorely lacking time and effort. And sometimes vice versa - a woman so interested in creating a cozy home nest that completely forgets about the work, and all her thoughts revolve around children, husband and cleanliness of the apartment. But it is possible to combine work and family, if you place the right priorities.
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Women often believe that it is necessary to sacrifice family for career or work for the children and husband. Of course, the woman is created in order to protect the family home, but she needs to get in the realization of their profession. So she will feel more confident and necessary.

Combine work and family

In order to combine these two important things in his life, a woman must clearly delineate them. The image of a business woman should be left at work, becoming home caring and loving mother and wife. Divide household responsibilities among all households, do not have to pull all for yourself. Give her husband to understand that you do not have to take care of all the housework. After all, you work with them on an equal basis, which means that the house rule of equality must be respected.

Prioritize correctly. For you is very important success both at work and in family life. Therefore, we must learn how to divide their time. Not to stay at work late, otherwise you run the risk of soon lose contact with the family. It should be competently put themselves at work, to show the authorities that you are not a workhorse, where you can ride around the clock. Do you have a personal life and family responsibilities.

Do not forget to pay attention to children in the evening, check their lessons, spend the weekend with semey.Chto regards to household duties, they should discuss with her husband. Decide which of you will cook and who to leave. This is a very important point that must be solved together to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

Of course, if your husband is a staunch supporter of patriarchal despotism, then you will not be easy. Much more advantageous option for successful business woman - a husband, do not hesitate to run the household and bringing a smaller amount of money in the family budget.

The most important thing in the issue of reconciling work and family - a rapport with her husband and children. For an ideal, strong family there are no obstructions.

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