How to banish her husband off the couch

How to banish her husband off the couch
 A typical picture of virtually oil - a quiet family evening, a TV, a sofa and a husband. Moreover, a sofa and a husband - the object of a single, indivisible, fit harmoniously into the interior. The classic Russian everyday activities pm or weekends. But for some reason, many women can not stand the sight. How can sever this tandem, and have to do it?
 First we need to decide for what purpose you want to separate from her husband's bed. If you are just annoying that fact, you can not explain why, but I really want, that he tore off his ass and do something around the house - it looks like you have no husband separate room with a sofa, and you with her husband. Russian male stereotype - but only in the incarnation of his, home, favorite - should not irritate. Therefore, this option is lowered immediately.

So you want him to leave the cozy abode - and turned his attention to you. Talk to you, hugged, caressed. He stared at his TV and disappeared from availability. Make yourself the first step. Prepare tea and watch TV together (if it is already occupied by a beer, make tea itself). Moreover, options for sharing the evening on the couch unlimited number:
- View pre-bought the film transfer;
- Watching the movie, gradually turning into a relaxing massage and sex;
- View with children of any comedy, etc.
A man with a sofa you, of course, this case is not Eviction ... but spend a lot of pleasant time together. Best suited to women who all all chores are done, and resolved issues with children lessons.

Speaking of sex. It's a powerful factor ... separating men from the couch. Luring him, make tear bleary eyes from the screen. If children at home, lure him into the bathroom and arrange a session of spontaneous sex (let him think that you are rudely "freewheeling", although causing a linen robe and the same makeup can give him your thorough preparation - but it's even a plus). You can certainly stay there on the couch (if the kids are asleep or not) or move to nearby areas - it does not matter. What is important is sex, which, after a hard day and filling the stomach to capacity many men do not even come to mind (much depends on the age, of course). Give him an unexpected sex, reinforcing the impression of visual pleasure of surprise.

After a bit of physical and psychological shake-up, and having washed his breath, the man for some time will be vigorous enough - if it gets to the ill-fated couch. It's time to snuggle up and ask for some little things, for example, to sharpen knives, get a box from the far corner of the mezzanine. Something that you needed, but he did not get around. Do not ask to drill a hole for a picture at 11 pm or throw trash from the balcony of a building - be humane. Think about the best time for this - at the weekend. By the way, as an additional incentive for a man around the house can be ... your help. Post carnations hold dosochki he saws - for many men it is important to your emotional involvement.

Another option to offer a walk before bedtime. This is useful, romantic - but not for everybody. And not every woman she agrees to it.

You can organize a joint game with the kids, just think through in advance, it will be interesting to your husband, otherwise it five minutes later withdrew. And it is necessary, on the contrary. That he was playing, and you quietly left the merry company. Fair Play. He - a sofa, and you - household chores. So brace yourself for this case.

You must remember that you - the woman. Smart, charming, cunning, best of all. A man on the couch - so touching snoring and contract handles the TV remote - your favorite, the man you have chosen. Use your feminine nature for the benefit of your family.

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