Happiness in marriage: Tips spouses

Happiness in marriage: Tips spouses
 Often at weddings can be seen as a family suite, especially women, cry, sentimental men also happen, drop a tear. Each of them really touched, they look at two people happy, thinking ahead of them expect a very good time. But sometimes it happens that the most perfect-looking marriages fail, at the same time, other couples manage to carry their love through the years, strengthening over time their marriage and staying really happy.

There are a few tips that you can give not only the couple, but also seasoned spouses, with which you can maintain the trust and understanding in the family.

1. Do not lose touch with each other. Discuss and blurts out the problems that really care about you. Do not hide your feelings, and your spouse's problems should be shared.

2. If the partner has offended you, then calm down and honestly tell him that you're upset. Explain your position, but not as resentful person who in any way wish to ensure that the "triumph" of the offender, as well as a partner, trying to build a relationship. Surely your spouse really is not a hotel to offend you. Maybe he did not realize really what was going on and why you were upset.

3. Do not be fooled. Be sincere.

4. partner blame that it is a "not a". Pointing man in his bad qualities, you give him a reason to think that he himself feel bad. To put it differently. Please note that you thought that a particular act was committed with the position of some of bad quality.

5. People do not meet the expectations of each other. It's OK. Ideal couples do not happen. If there is something important, what would you like to achieve from a partner, for example, that he often gave you flowers, try to tell him about it directly.

6. Do not swear or skandalte. In the heat of an argument, you can tell a story of such things in the future will create a chasm between you.

7. Do not generalize and blame. Do not bring up the past, and speak specifically about the recent events. You are on one side, you do not need to go to other people's barricades.

8. When a person makes you something good, even if it's a small show of concern, be sure to thank him.

9. Do not ask and do not take offense to the fact that the partner behaves differently. It's the quality you value most in it too, otherwise it would not be the person that you love.

10. Do not try to change her husband. Both you and he should remain by themselves, or lose interest not only to each other, but also to themselves.

11. If suddenly happened disagreement, then before you go to sleep, make peace.

12. Pamper each other with unexpected gifts and surprises. Monotony and routine themselves are not going anywhere, but against them have effective methods.

13. If you see a problem in a relationship, try to resolve it. Do not let things drift. Such questions can not be solved themselves, they only become worse, risking to become a real snowball.

14. Take care of your happiness and love! Listen to your heart.

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