Do not wake the beast in her husband

Do not wake the beast in her husband
 Ah, the female tricks that can easily manipulate men, the soothing and lulling their feelings, suddenly awakening violent outbreaks of animal anger! Although these techniques have long been treacherous certain alphabet relations, their use should be treated with care and tact.

It is known that even the most harmonious relationship periodically need a good emotional nourishment, and these feelings can be both positive and negative, and many couples feel the need for periodic quarrels, for which, according to the law of the genre should be gentle reconciliation. Undoubtedly, the addition of the "pepper" in too smooth and discreet relationship is sometimes useful and effective way. But, as with any food, family life should be a reasonable balance between the combination of flavors.

It's no secret that a kind of "barometer" of family relations is precisely feminine flair, nicely captures every nuance and shades of sentiment. Noticing manifested coolness or indifference on the part of the husband, wife will not experience a rare alarm, and testing it, immediately take measures appropriate to its nature and understanding of the situation.

Often following the axiom of "too good - it's bad," women try every possible way to bring her husband out of himself, so that at least some way to break the monotony settled. And if the purpose of such behavior is clear enough and topical, the methods of achieving it often go beyond the usual games or love teasing. And when patience becomes full, pouring out a stream of mixed emotions, the same culprits happening complain about the lack of restraint and excessive irritability spouses.

But so easy to realize and accept the fact that not all men are in need of such strong "shakes" of emotions, and the vast majority of them feel easy and comfortable it is a smooth and discreet relationships, no matter how the authors claimed the opposite commercial romance novels. In addition, once awakened in her husband fierce tiger, we can no longer hope for his speedy conversion to tender and pliable kitten.

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