Divorce is a foreigner

Divorce is a foreigner
 In most countries, much easier to get married than to divorce. If international family bred in Russia, she would do it under Russian law. And for those who live in another state, divorce will have on local legislation, which is often not too kindly to the idea of ​​divorce.
 For a foreigner to be the most unfavorable divorce after a short marriage. Not all legislation stands up for spouses who have no nationality. Terminating the marriage after years of married life, you can lose the right to work, residence and livelihood. For example, under the laws of Sweden prosperous, all the rights of citizenship of foreign wife put only after two years of marriage Swedish.

Divorce is a foreigner can be difficult in countries where religious ideas or completely exclude this possibility, or impose strict limits. For example, even in a developed country like Israel, divorce is a lot of difficulties. Israeli law considers that this process can be accomplished only by mutual consent of the parties. If the wife does not want to divorce and persists in this, ravviatsky court may simply allow her husband to marry again, since the Torah permits polygamy.

In Italy, as in a Catholic country, divorce is also quite difficult. But here on the contrary, divorce by mutual consent does not exist. Divorce here - long-term judicial procedure. The grounds for divorce are considered only impotence and spousal offense for which he received the long term.

In America, the marriage is dissolved only in state court or district in which the spouses must have lived at least six months. The main reasons for divorce - adultery, desertion, serious chronic diseases that inhibit further married life, committing one of the spouses of the crime.

In France, the law allows for three reasons: mutual agreement, the termination of cohabitation and the guilt of one spouse. Divorce by mutual consent divorce divided into humility-and-divorce agreement. During the divorce agreement-initiators are both husband and wife who just submit the application without giving any arguments. The court gives them a three-month period for reflection. In addition, the court may refuse to divorce if it considers that the interests of the other spouse or the children will suffer.

Divorces in the UK are possible on the basis of one - if the marriage will be recognized as irreparably broken up. The court may consider it as such, if there was a betrayal, desertion, or the behavior of one of the spouses has caused other significant physical or mental injury. In addition, in this country there is no law on alimony. Typically, divorced spouses have the right to negotiate their own size.

For divorce in Germany also needs "irreparable breakdown of the family." If the competent authorities consider that divorce will harm the interests of the children, spouses may be refused. Ex-wife can count on the material content in the case of serious illness or disability, to adapt to a new life. However, if the marriage lasted less than three years, financial support from her ex-husband will not.

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