Civil or legal marriage?

Civil or legal marriage?
 Statistics says that now are becoming less formal marriages. More popular civil relations. On the question of why this is happening, there is no single answer. How to choose a form of relationship?

Civil marriage is popular not only in our time, people used to also create a family, without registering their relationship to the registrar. However, in the past lived in a civil marriage, men and women, previously divorced. This was an attempt to start a new life, they tried to live together, had children from a previous marriage, if coexisted, the plant common children. And after a while they decide whether to continue to live together and record an official marriage.

To date, age couples who have decided to live a civil marriage, all younger. Looking at the bad experience of friends, acquaintances, young people are trying to thus avoid this type of error. However, the success of family life, regardless of legal status (civil or official marriage), provided by the same factors. This is the goal of the union, and the desire of people to listen and feel. Never marriage will not be a long and happy if people do not aspire to it.

Decide to register their relationships, or live in a free family for each pair can be difficult. The ideal solution for this issue is not, as in every relationship has its own situation.

Often people live a civil marriage because one of the two does not agree to the formalization of relations under the guise of his willingness not to create a family (fear of liability). This form is called cohabitation relationship test. Neither non-binding convenient, allowing to leave at any moment.

Regardless of what form of relationship is selected, you know that family difficulties expected in any case, because everyone is different and brought up differently and, therefore, to get used to each other's habits have anyway. It should also be aware that civil marriage - it is not a formal rehearsal, and equivalent family, which also have their own responsibilities needs. The fortress of any family depends on the willingness of couples to be together, to move in the same direction - the construction of the family, the family happy and strong.

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