Caution: husband-tyrant

Caution: husband-tyrant
 Many women are afraid to walk through the dark alleys and doorways of the risk of becoming a victim of a rapist or robber. However, few people think that women are much more likely to experience violence in their own family. Violence, however, may be not only physical. Daily humiliation of his wife and raising of her own self-esteem through - that's the main purpose of husband-tyrant.
 Family tyranny - is not only a showdown with the help of the kulaks. From the kulaks, in extreme cases, can protect and law enforcement agencies (which, however, do not like to take on such cases). But the constant grumbling and grumbling to the case will not sew. That's toil poor wife, years and decades listening to endless claims and struggling to please fastidious husband.

Of course, with any person can be negotiated. And it's better to do it until hearing the march by Mendelssohn. But the happy bride rarely try to put certain conditions to their chosen: and suddenly leave? Although, in fairness, and grooms may also be concerned about the wedding that the bride runs away before he reached the door registrar. And that is what the original of their concern and then gradually develops into mania reproach, to provoke, to specify. Especially, if the newly formed wife at first and really can not cope with the housework.

After the wedding, the couple some time looking at each other in everyday life. However, a happy relationship in understanding men and women - it is still a few different categories. The woman is a great pleasure to take care of her husband, trying on the part of a wife. Man sees family life as an opportunity to stay in the comfort and cleanliness. The main thing is that the wife is not too carried away by his role as hostess. And the husband - not accustomed to comfort so that the slightest discrepancy could bring him out of himself and gradually turned into a tyrant.

Tyrants and grow from their husbands, who for whatever reason have not been able to reach the heights of intellectual and material wealth, unlike his wife. Often have to see how it is successful and wealthy lady literally spreads before the lazy and alcoholic, she pushed around from morning till night. Perhaps she does not so much love, how much compassion for the unfortunate who failed to achieve something in this life. Or - the unwillingness to change the status of a married lady on precarious position razvedenki.

What do you do in this situation? How to change the relationships within the family, while the case did not come to the criminal proceedings?

If the husband is constantly dissatisfied with something and does not want to discuss their personal and business problems with his wife, all venting frustration on it, then a complete family here for it to conduct pointless. You can, of course, by the favorable moment, and talk heart to heart. But if the husband did not directly answer questions, launches a cry or even threatened - his wife was time to leave. To get back to him.

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