Barren marriage

Barren marriage
 Infertility - a tragedy for couples. The culprit here is neither a spouse. Talking about infertility, you can talk about a barren marriage. Previously, doctors did not consider pairs as infertile if they have not lived together for four years. Today, that number has decreased, namely, if pregnancy does not occur throughout the year.

Statistics says:

- 30% of couples achieve pregnancy in the first three months of living together
- 60% for the next seven months
- 10% after one year of regular sexual life.

There are different data about the infertile marriages. The frequency of such a marriage ranges from 11-16% to 18-20%. Also, one-third of couples have problems as problems of his wife and the husband.

Barren marriage - is an important and complex medical and social problem. This problem may also hurt the whole society, not just the individual family. It becomes psychological. The couple, who can not start within two years, consensual usually parted to try his luck with another partner. Will continue to remorse and accusations towards the former partner. This will continue as long as there is no set culprit. Can then enter various solutions: attempts to cure a partner to find a donor for ectopic conception, the search of a surrogate mother, parting.

Such a marriage is often provokes family and personal crisis, and this leads to a number of mental disorders. The woman begins to blame only themselves fully. Although experience shows that 40% of the culprit of the problem is the man. After its potency did not say anything about his good reproductive function. Even if a man in terms of potency feels great, it may be fruitless, and also vice versa, sluggish man in a relationship can be a great partner for conception.

One of the problems immediately follows another: they blame each other, and this will further aggravate the situation in the family, and from here come a nervous breakdown, from which there are other diseases. The problem needs to be solved, not on each other's nerves. If the family is strong enough, the question of separation will not go.

Need to come together and keep each other as tightly as possible. To further address this issue, do not succumb to various provocations that will arise from the side. Remember, it is your overall situation and solve it, you can only together.

Need help professionals, you first need to identify who in the family detonation-fertile. Today there are many specialized centers for family planning and infertility. The activities of such clinics is aimed at one thing: to help couples to have a baby. We can say that modern medicine has made progress in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of infertility. Today, medicine has a chance to every family. The main thing is not to lose heart.

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