Bad peace is better than a good argument?

Bad peace is better than a good argument?
 Quarrels between lovers - quite normal. They can even slightly shaken relations and improve them in the end. However, we must learn how to quarrel and make up, otherwise even a small conflict can lead to separation.
 Unfortunately, the protracted quarrel has the potential to move into a silent war. Its members are no longer in conflict, do not shout at each other, do not try to figure out the relationship. They just keep silent and ignore the actions of each other. In part, this can be called a good quarrel. At first glance, it may even seem that this is the best solution in the case when a couple can not reach an agreement, or is unable to resolve the conflict peacefully. But here lies a serious danger: mutual disregard gradually worsen the situation tightens quarrel and eventually makes reconciliation more difficult, almost impossible. People no longer understand each other, mutual resentment piling up in the heart.

Much better to learn how to overcome yourself and look for ways to establish a truce to settle the conflict. Let it be only a temporary measure. Bad peace is far less dangerous to the relationship than a good quarrel. He has shown a willingness to make concessions, and there is a chance that with time the conflict simply forgotten, and relations are restored. Moreover, in such a situation, tend to spend much less nerve, and people do not bring themselves to mental exhaustion and do not make rash acts, trying in any way to quickly resolve the protracted conflict.

Quarrels often arise due to the fact that people do not only hold different views, but also confident in their own right and do not even want to hear their opinion. Minor conflicts arise again and again, piling up resentment, like a snowball. As a result, the already familiar good quarrel over trifles lead to a final rupture of relations, as to find a favorable way out of the situation is too hard. It is better to learn to treat with indulgence to the shortcomings of others, not forgetting their own, as well as search for the best way, without tightening the conflict.

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