Bad genes in a good family

Bad genes in a good family
 The question that affects the child more genes or environment, is the most controversial for many years. It is particularly relevant when it comes to adopting a child from an orphanage good family. That this will affect the baby more: heredity or new parents?  

Disputes on the fact that a greater impact on the child, genes or environment, sharpened for centuries. In this modern professional psychologists tend it to the second option. So, for example, the children of criminals all the qualities a good development of their parents, may be for the benefit of society. For example, a thief can be helpful policeman, aggressive extortionist - boxer and a pickpocket - a surgeon. The main thing in this case, is how to raise a baby. However, this has its subtleties.

Especially the first - team player.

Bad genes likely will be felt in the child, which is closed and inclined to soul-searching than the kid activity and employment. In addition, it is important to have a baby with a bad heredity were good friends, and he did not feel lonely. The easiest way to do just that - to enroll the child in the section on team play. Then the baby and friends will, and he will understand the importance of team work for the common good. In addition, the sport is great distraction from the soul-searching.

Especially the second - the correct information.

It is important that a child with bad genes understand how important it is good, and it sought to create. To this end, throughout the period of education must emphasize the importance of good. So, it is necessary to select a special good literature, good TV programs and movies, and even good computer games.

Remember, bad genes - is, of course, important, but more importantly - it is good to raise a child, responsive and responsible person.

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